You are not getting any younger: Here’s why that should make you happy

I think women should start to embrace their age. What’s the alternative to getting older? You die. I can’t change the day I was born. But I can take care of my skin, my body, my mind, and try to live my life and be happy. Olivia Munn

35 plus


1. You can’t change it so being sad about it will only stress you out.

There is no use in being sad about the fact that you are getting older, it’s happening right now even as you are reading this. You are getting older every second. Life does not usually “give you” things to celebrate. You decide what you want to celebrate out of the lot that life gives you. So you could decide that each birthday is a reason to go insane with happiness or you could make it a pity party where you mourn your youth and regret every opportunity you didn’t take. It’s up to you really. You can sit and be sad about what you used to look hot in at 25 that does not look hot any more or you could get excited about what will look hot on you now. You can get excited about opportunities that are still ahead of you. Being happy about getting older means always being happy because it is constantly happening.

 2.  You are clear on what works and what doesn’t for your life.

Teenage years and early twenties are spent on figuring out career paths, fulfilling friendships, life partners and everything related to the “future”. After 35 or older, you are in the future you always planned for and wondered about. By that time you know your strengths and weaknesses, you know what type of people melt your butter to be around, you have worked for a bit and you know what you do or don’t want to spend the rest of your life doing. This is not to say the other side of 30 will not have surprises or even confusion here and there but when these do come they are met with an experienced heart and mind and there is more emotional stability  which is good for making decisions.

 3. You care less about what people think and say.

Fitting in is very important when one is young and sometimes it means not following your heart because what your heart wants may not be what’s trending. When you get older, yes you still care about your looks and what happens in your life but it’s more for yourself, your convenience, your comfort than anybody else. It is more liberating than trying to get in everybody’s heads before making a decision and imagining what they would say or think about you. Recently I went out dancing with younger friends and I was quite content with wearing flat pumps that allowed me to dance without punishing my calves. My friends looked hotter in their heels but I was ok with the knowledge that I would do a lot of dancing and the following day I would not be walking like the ground was on fire due to sore feet.

 4. Migraines are less prevalent in older people.

So we thought getting older is about the body deteriorating and giving in to any ailment.  Well the Research Centre of Atlanta revealed that after 50 the cuteness of migraines lessens as well as other symptoms such as nausea and sensitivity to light.

 5. No more period pain or any issues associated with menstruation.

The thought of not making that trip down the female sanitation isle in the supermarket and saving that bit of money every month is something to add to the joy of getting older. If you suffer from period pain after the supermarket you have to hit the pharmacy for those painkillers that you know you’ll die without. If not that it’s hot water bottles and other ways of relieving the pain. Then there is the fact that you can just be wound up before and sometimes during that time. For most people sexual activity has to pause for a while. And there are other logistics like travelling during that time of the month. You have to find facilities to change and freshen up. When you hit menopause all these headaches stop for good. Of course the process of menopause itself is not pleasant but once it’s over it’s over.

 6. Freedom to be yourself.

Society is harsh on young people. Gain weight and see how many care about your cellulite, your bad hair days don’t go unnoticed. How many people care about Betty White’s figure? She is in her 90s she can eat whatever she wants and gain weight and people will probably not notice. But with younger celebrities there are lists of hot beach bodies and hottest people in this year or things like that.

People find it funny or even cute when an old person swears/curses, if you are young it’s just vulgar. Even when an old person interferes and gives an opinion to a complete stranger on the street people are forgiving and at times even respectful and might even take the unsolicited advice. Young people have to reel in their opinions and actions more because there is higher accountability.


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