Being a woman

women's day, gender equality, women's struggle, sexism

Everyday must be women’s day because we are women everyday, we should celebrate it everyday, the struggles that come with womanhood are fought everyday and the joys of womanhood should be celebrated everyday. On this day that has been set aside for us to look at everything that it means to be a woman, I just decided to put it in perspective. No matter who are you are, what the world thinks of you in terms of achievements or what you think of yourself being a woman means a lot and you manage it all daily without even stopping to think about it. Of course being a woman means different things for different women but here are some of the things that we have to go through over the years;

  • We bleed every month from the time we are young and go on like that for decades until nature stops it. We have to be cleaner when we bleed, we have to be discreet, some have to experience excruciating pain during this time and we have to do it all while still going to school, or work or fulfilling our responsibilities. When nature finally stops this process the change comes with hot flushes and hormonal changes that wreak havoc in our bodies.
  • We have to carry babies in our wombs for nine months and when delivery time comes our flesh is cut or the babies tear our flesh on the way out. We breastfeed and take care of the babies from day zero until they are adults.
  • For some, being a woman means watching as friends get pregnant and have babies while they try and fail to have kids. Or while they try to find the right partner or right time to do it.
  • Some women carry babies and build hope and plan for the future only to lose the babies in miscarriages or during childbirth or raising the babies to a certain age and then losing them.
  • For some it means fighting sexism at work or in our families when it comes to decision making or being in positions of power.
  • Sometimes it means society putting a “best before” date to us. We are “hot” and “attractive” or dateable or employable at a certain age and after that we are sometimes passed over for younger women.

Some women think that they have never achieved anything in their lives but you achieve some of the above mentioned things daily. Keep striving for more but as you are today, you are accomplished and you should be proud of yourself. We make it happen everyday. There is no reason why a woman should not be given an opportunity to be in a position of power because we prove that we can handle a lot all at once.


It’s not all doom and gloom. The same processes that bring pain and discomfort can be a great source of joy. We get to carry our children inside of us and have months and months to bond with them before we have to share them with the rest of the world. We get to bond with them when we breastfeed (for those who choose to). Also, it is medically believed that we have longer life spans. When we embrace our femininity and take it as a blessing rather than a curse we come up with excellent ideas that help us live very successful lives. The world of fashion celebrates women much more than men, mother’s day is celebrated with much more energy generally than father’s day. We can stand with other women through various women’s movements and know how rewarding it is to be mothers wives, girlfriends, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, daughters, etc. There is still  lot you can do to make your dreams come true. Remember, you have the power to do anything because you achieve a lot everyday anyway.



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