Guest Post : “It’s a bad day at times but it’s not a bad Life” – Courtney Carter

By Monica Muziki

35 plus, women over 35, pick yourself up, remain positive, lupus, Courtney Carter

These were the words spoken by an amazing young lady called Courtney Carter who lost her battle to Lupus in her early 20s. She spoke about her experiences growing up with this disease and the struggles that came with it. However, her message was not one to garner pity from others but it was about spreading a message of hope and it was about victory.   Victory over the situations that life throws at us and the acceptance of situations that we cannot change .It was also about persistence in the times of trial and about moving forward with positivity and even more drive and focus than before.

“It’s a bad day at times but it’s not a bad life” is about looking at certain trial periods or tough days in our lives in isolation and not letting those situations determine what our whole life will now be as a result. It is s about staying positive and accepting that yes I may be going through a tough time now but I am still blessed and my life still has purpose. It’s about picking yourself up and remaining expectant for the coming good things in your life.

What a fantastic message Courtney spread.  So today I encourage us to not let the bad experience of one day, one month, or one year dictate doom over the rest  of your  life. Those hard times are temporary and they too will pass.

So remain victorious, and remain positive by the knowledge that “it’s a bad day at times but it’s not a bad life.”


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