About 35 Plus

35 Plus is a community of women who are 35 years or older. Age brings changes to our bodies, family dynamics, career paths and social lives and we talk about these changes, celebrating what’s good and coming up with solutions to problems that come with the changes. Physiologically, being 35 or older means many, many things; decrease in fertility, menopause (sooner or later depending on the person), for some re-evaluating choices made when we were younger (marriages, career choices, friendships etc).

We discuss how best to embrace what we cannot change, celebrate our lives and have lots of fun doing it. So far we have been far we have run a competition and 5 women won bursaries and are studying courses of their choice with a very good college. If chances were missed for different reasons in our youth there is no reason to stop pursuing our goals. I we have had successes already there is no reason to keep aspiring for more. We focus  lot on health, careers, love, fun and friendships, as well as other issues that affect us as women.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/35-Plus/288999487958230

Website: http://www.35plus.co.za

 Email: chipo@35plus.co.za

Phone number: +2783 560 9299


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