35 Plus, women over 35, be an inspiration, there is hope

In your 30s/ 40s or older and still your dreams haven’t come true? There is hope

Allow me to brag about some very inspirational women that have shown us that persistence and hard work pays. We live in a world where people are becoming rich and famous or just accomplished at certain trades at a very young age. That usually means if you are, say, 25 years old, and you don’t have a degree yet or a great job it’s easy to feel like a failure and be very discouraged. The pressure is so much more with us women because we “have to” get married when we are still young, wrinkle-free and fertile. And we also “have to” do our studies and get our careers going before children come because we are usually the ones who will have to slow down and take care of them. Many women manage to juggle everything at the same time but sometimes resources are scarce so we put our children first and then our dreams of studying and getting careers die.

35 plus, women over 35, don't give up

35 Plus was started by a woman who knows all too well how painful it is to not reach every goal at a time she thought she would. It was therefore founded to say to other women, “hey, that dream of studying, getting a good job, getting a great man that you had when you were young, if it hasn’t come true yet let’s not give up on it. It can still happen!” Many scholarships and bursaries have a cut off age. Companies want young interns. Nobody wants to hire a 45 year old intern to run around making coffee even though there are many women out there who would love to get that position and learn new skills. We are therefore here to say it is a hostile world for us as get older but it’s not impossible. We ran a competition earlier this year and many women entered. They told us stories about all the things that kept them from studying when they were young and how they still want to start fruitful careers now. We were only able to have 5 winners and some of them came back to us with success stories of how in these few months their worlds have been changed.         35 Plus, be an inspiration, women over 3535 plus, women over 35, there is still hope, don't give up

Here are some of the women who took a leap of faith and seized an opportunity to study because they know that life is what you make it. You can’t sit back and wish things were different, or try to fulfill your dreams through your children or complain that circumstances are bad. If you stand up to make a difference in your life, life will reward you. Sometimes it takes long but don’t lose hope. Thank you to Brigitte Fourie, Carmenita Buys, Wendy Witten and many others who entered the competition. Continue to inspire those around you and don’t stop trying to reach for the stars.

35 Plus intends to continue looks for ways to inspire and assist women in their 30s and older. The main goal is not to win competitions but to inspire each other to persevere. We won’t always find solutions to all our supporters’ problems but if you are determined and inspired, you will be able to find solutions for your self. It’s not a platform that claims to know the answers to everything because no one ever does, but it’s a place where we are saying saying if we come together we can face anything.Keep supporting us and liking and sharing our Facebook page. We appreciate all the emails that we receive with your suggestions and life stories. Keep them coming and we always respond.  More challenges, competitions and events coming. Watch this space!

35 plus, women, women over 35

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